order, repetition, patience, planning
increments, variables, trial and error

hardware, glassware, tubing, filtering
draining, distilling, diluting, decanting

mixing, dyeing, testing
accidentally painting

dissolving, absorbing, drying, heating

ordering, disordering, repeating, reordering

measuring, monitoring, methodical manoeuvring

arranging, aligning, assessing, evaluating

Thanks so much to Paul for his generosity of time and spirit.
Our conversations continue…



ring of gold, disc of light, symbol of soul, sign of sanctity, circle of heaven, shorthand of spirit, convention of representation, staple of art history, fascination of mine

keep on runnin

I’ve never felt the need or desire to use a ‘running stitch’ before.
So plain, so rigid, so unintuitive – so I thought.

The systematic, repetitive, focussed processes and behaviours I’ve been encountering in the labs and services demands a much more restrained approach – one with limited variables and margins for error. Also, incidentally, with little room for manoeuvre, but that’s another story.

Properly exiting the comfort zone now. The only issue is the faintly reminiscent whiff of retro New Age Christian banners… and we don’t want that. But it’s still fairly early days – give me a chance!

zero representation.
simply geometry, colour, patterns, motifs.

direction, intention, ritual, repetition, routine, discipline, order.

visual and tactile support, accessory, necessity.
the tangible subordinate to the ineffable.




sequence, series, repetition, rigour, discipline, persistence, perseverance.
contain, encapsulate, compartmentalise.
samples, variables, permutations.